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    CADA Annual Conference


    Save the Date! May 1-4, 2021

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    NIAAA Conference


    Virtual Conference  |  December 7-14, 2020



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    CHSAA Updates

    How's Football Going for You Right Now?? Here's some tips from our "What's Working" Workshop:

    Locker Rooms Alternatives

    • Large tents on site for teams;
    • busses on site in case of inclement weather;
    • several schools are using gyms for changing areas;
    • some coaches used as a manager allowing 1 out and 1 in;
    • can’t be used as a meeting area



    • Some using a lottery system
    • Some breaking tickets down per player/coach
    • Pre-paid tickets (GoFan or TicketSpice - they have codes so families can only purchase a certain amount)- QR code for contact tracing
    • Coupons given out that allow spectators to purchase a ticket (info on back for contact tracing).
    • Color coded sections with coordinating wrist bands
    • Amount allowed varies throughout the state
    • QR codes at ticket booth for rosters


    Mask/Social Distance Compliance

    • Social Media - promote the positives (those wearing them).
    • Have a student and/or athlete get on PA system at the game and promote wearing masks and social distancing emphasizing that compliance helps them to keep playing this season.
    • Put expectations on social media and website ahead of time.
    • Virtual Meeting with Parents - ideally at the beginning of the season, but not a bad idea to have another as a reminder.
    • Signage


    Screening/Temp Checks

    • Event workers
    • Teams taking care of those on their own gatelist
    • Visiting teams having someone help on the visiting gate (admin or booster)


    Exiting Process

    • Spectators leave in one direction out the gate they came in (best if it's separate for home and visitor)
    • Anyone on the field goes to the opposite end (same entrance they used to come in- best if different from spectators)
    • PSA's reminding spectators they cannot congregate
    • Control team a little more at the end- helmet up in the air (thank you) and have team put their bags in an area away from where spectators may be able to gather


    Lower Level Games

    • Using a lot of cones and rope to designate areas
    • Use specific line markers for spectators versus players/coaches
    • Admin cover and remind people as they come in to "kindly wear their masks" 


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